Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Flotsam (Because I Like the Word Flotsam)

It's Friday, and a woo-freakin-hoo to that. It hasn't felt terribly relaxing since Greyson was up on and off all night with a seriously bad attitude. We thought he might be getting a cold, so we had a doctor visit today to no avail. All seems well, so maybe he was just too snotty to sleep (literally, quite boogery).

I have done some bookish things today, despite being worn out. While Greyson was napping this morning, I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions on my laptop to organize my e-books. I downloaded some upcoming review books from NetGalley, and I looked through some other new e-books I've downloaded recently.

I'm still reading and loving The Woman in White, but I also have some review obligations coming up in October. It promises to be a very bookish month with RIP V going on and Dewey's Read-a-Thon. I have finally....and we need a BIG DRUM ROLL HERE...started reading Great House, by Nicole Krauss. I've had my eye on this one forever, and I was surprised when the publisher sent along an ARC.

In other news, I found The Art of Disappearing in my mailbox this week. It's for a blog tour in October. From my library holds list I have Little Bee and I'm next in line for Medium Raw.

All in all, it would be really helpful if I were reading more! All these yummy books are calling to me, and work has eaten up a chunk of time.

Today's Book Blogger Hop is a request to post our favorite review from the last three months. Mine would be The Passage! I still love this book. It'll be a re-read for sure. Head on over to Crazy For Books to join the hop!


  1. I just hate it when real life gets in the way of fun!!

  2. The word flotsam never fails to make me think of the movie Helter Skelter. I apologize--that is probably the stupidest comment ever, but it is completely true.

    I do hope that incredibly cute little guy of yours sleeps better tonight...which will hopefully allow Mom to, too!

  3. Where's jetsam? Doesn't it deserve some time, too?

  4. Well, this is ridiculous. I've been reading your blog for---what?---a hundred years? And I'm not a follower? What is going on?

    Okay, I'm a new follower!

  5. I've been slacking something fierce on my ARC responsibilities. Bad blogger.

  6. Sounds like you've been a busy momma!! Hope you get to sleep tonight Andi!! And if you don't, well at least you have some good books to keep you company ;)

  7. I'm here from the Hop! The Woman in White is on my soon to be read list. I also posted a review of The Passage -- but didn't like it as much as you did (I know, I'm in the minority on this one!)

  8. I hope Greyson will settle down and sleep better for you. I always felt like my son would get fussy about every six months, usually right before he met some major milestone.

  9. Kathy, me too! It seems to happen more and more all the time. I've gotta start carving out an hour or so before bed again. That's what I did with The Passage, and I finished 800 pages in a week. Whew!

    Debi, LOL! I haven't seen Helter Skelter, but it does remind me of The Little Mermaid! The sleeping has been much better since this post. The bags under my eyes aren't as bad now. Can't hold loose change, anyway.

    Jill, jetsam does deserve some love, too. I'll have to work that word in soon.

    LOL, my beloved Readerbuzz! I do that all the time. It's sad, really. My attention span is probably that of a gnat.

    Trisha, I've been slacking on reading in general. Ugg!

    Amen to that, Chris! The sleeping situation has been much better lately, though I still have to hop up a couple of times a night and give him his pacifier back. We call it a chalupa. How festive!

    Thanks for hopping by, TheBookStop! I've been to your place and I *heart* your blog. Even if our opinions didn't jive on The Passage.

    Kathleen, I wish he'd go ahead and hit his milestone. It's been better the last couple of nights, but he does get fussy periodically instead of sleeping through a night solid.

  10. Hi there, I spotted you on the blog hop so here I am. I love your reading material. Eclectic indeed. I also have 'Women in White' lined up. Would love to read 'The Passage' and 'The Dome' too.

    Happy reading! Hop on over to my blog when you have time:


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