Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Sunday Salon - Great House, Wordle Madness

Wordle: Estella'sRevenge

It looks all tiny and sad up there, but I haven't made a Wordle in a while. Put in my blog address and voila! Bookish goodness! Click to make it big and beautiful.

Greyson seems to be feeling better, and now Chuck and I are each coming down with a cold. There's been much Sudafed, Afrin, and miscellaneous cures floating around the house the last couple of days.

While the boys slept last night--Chuck on the couch in a haze, Greyson in his crib in footie pajamas--I took the opportunity to really dig into Great House, by Nicole Krauss. I've bubbled and squeed about this one before, and now I'm finally getting to read it. It has an October release date, so I've put it off this long, and I'm so excited about it.

50 pages in, I'm lovin' it! I've marked several memorable passages, and I'm excited to see where the story is going. So far an unnamed narrator (a writer)  is recounting her day-long relationship with a Chilean poet named Daniel Varsky. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Varsky lets the narrator take his furniture since she's left with almost nothing. He's headed back to Chile to play a part in revolution (this is the 70s). The desk our narrator receives supposedly belonged to the poet, Federico Garcia Lorca. In the present day, Varsky's daughter shows up to reclaim Varsky's furniture, including the desk the narrator has has used for 20+ years to write seven novels

Intriguing premise. I know this desk is the centerpiece around which the story oscillates (how's that for a Sunday morning word?!), and I'm curious what's coming next. The narrator is suitably heartbroken to lose such a splendid and sentimental piece of furniture, and while she doesn't believe in the writer's need for routine or special accoutrement (Ha! Another good word!) for writing, I do believe she may be fooling herself.

I'll be spending the rest of my Sunday grading papers and reading this book. Chuck has a drawing class from 9:00-3:00, so in truth I'm probably fooling myself. I'll be keeping Greyson occupied and probably visiting with my mom for a few hours.

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