Monday, November 01, 2010

High on Excedrin and Ready to Read!

*bouncing off the walls* I started the day with a headache, took two Excedrin Migraine, and now I'm ready to clean the whole building! Whee!

Happy post-Halloween! This means I've officially bombed the RIV V challenge (sad face). I think this is the first year I've absolutely sucked it up. Oh well! I loved the attempt as much as ever.

Other cool, bookish goings-on: The BookClubSandwich discussion of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle will begin on November 8th over at Kim's blog. I need to get off my butt and start this book. I am super excited about it because I've wanted to read it for years.

I'm still in the midst of Dangerous Angels, Francesca Lia Block's collected Weetzie Bat books. Technically, I'm neck deep in the second book, Witch Baby. I just *heart* them more and more as I read. The references to the just-beginning AIDS epidemic is really heartrending through the eyes of Duck and Dirk, two gay characters in the novels.

Wanna read a really good passage? I thought this was just whimsical enough to show off Block's writing style:

Not only did Raphael look like powdered chocolate, but he smelled like it, too, and his eyes reminded Witch Baby  of Hershey's Kisses. His mother, Ping, dressed him in bright red, green and yellow and twisted his hair into dreadlocks. ("Cables to heaven," said his father, Valentine, who had dreads too.)
Raphael, the Chinese-Rasta parrot-boy, loved to paint, and he covered the walls of his room with waterfalls, stars, rainbows, suns, moons, birds, flowers and fish. As soon as Witch Baby had learned to walk, she had chased after him, spying and dreaming that someday they would roll in the mud, dance with paint on their feet and play music together while Cherokee Bat took photographs of them
I really am getting more and more into these books the further I read. Yay for being engaged in reading!

Back tomorrow with a review of Kith by Holly Black.

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