Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sunday Salon - 'The Birth of Love' Grabs Me

Happy Sunday, bloggers. It's no secret that I've had trouble sinking into a book lately. I pick one up, I read a few pages (or not), I lay it aside. I waffle back and forth, read a few more pages, forget about the book. So on and so forth.

Finally, FINALLY, I made a very bold move. I dropped everything that wasn't blowing my skirt up, and I downloaded a book that was really calling to me: The Birth of Love, by Joanna Kavenna.

I first took note of this British novel when Jackie reviewed it over at Farm Lane Books. In short, it's a story of birth in three different times: a doctor in 1865 Vienna advocates for better hygiene among doctors, a mother in 2009 is having her second child, and in our future babies are farmed but one woman is imprisoned for concealing a pregnancy.

Before Greyson was born I didn't care much for birth stories. I really had no investment in the topic, but since he came along I am far more interested. Since little G is where the majority of my time goes these days, I thought it would be fitting to read a book about birth. This book has been calling to me ever since Jackie posted her review, so there was nothing to hold me back.

Right off the bat, I'm totally enamored of this novel. It really has a little something for everyone: historical, a little sf. The writing seems very tempered. Though it switches times and characters, the writing is quite controlled and carefully paced. I'm only on page 50 or so--transitioning from the portion set in Vienna to the present day--but I cannot wait to see where it goes from here. If Kavenna can exert this much control in her writing, I can't imagine what will happen when the book spirals into some of the more intense sections which I'm sure will come later.

While I hated to lay aside some of the other books I've committed myself to (cough-TheJungle-cough), sometimes it's all there is to be done to avoid an extended slump.

What are you reading? Is it going smoothly or do you feel a slump coming on?

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