Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Post-Christmas Post

Part of our living room Christmas setup.
Merry Christmas Recovery Day to everyone! We had a great time. The family drove out to my mom's for a Christmas Eve lunch, and we hosted dinner for our family and a couple of friends last night. Everyone had a wonderful day of togetherness, food, and gifts, and everyone in my house is still asleep. The kids were up until the wee hours playing with their new iPod touches and Chuck was up processing photos from the big day.

Feel free to "Friend" me on Facebook for more photos. I'll give a little preview of Chuck's handiwork throughout this post.

I have to say, it wasn't a bookish Christmas this time around. With my reading slowed a bit, I just didn't see the point in racking up a whole lot of books, but I did get a green backplate for my Nook. Just something to brighten up the original grey back.

My Christmas goodies were heavily weighted toward fashion this year: new makeup set, makeup brushes, PUREdkny perfume, a new jewelry box, Kohl's gift card, Lane Bryant gift card, and some loose cash for a Pier 1 trip. Y'all may remember that after Greyson was born, I did this whole self-makeover thing, and so far it's working out for me. With the promotion at work it's more pressing that I look nice every day, and my growing shoe collection reflects that. Ha! I'm taking over Chuck's half of the closet and he's a little distressed.

Greyson had a giggly-good first Christmas. He's had a massive influx of toys, and he's trying this best to play with all of them while he's also trying to walk. He's going to skip crawling, I think. He'll inch along and do a crawly thing if he wants something nearby, but for the most part he pulls up, stands, and tries his best to just get on with the walking already.

The Rockets also had a great time. They're growing up so fast it's ridiculous. They both got a lot of clothes this year, and when they're all decked out they just look so mature! Scary!!!

It was lovely to have such a good holiday in the midst of what's been a stressful holiday season thus far. It's back to work tomorrow with lots of course planning and beginning-of-term stuff to get in order, but I'm rested and ready!

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