Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Wayward Reader Returns OR The Sunday Salon

That's me! The wayward reader. It was actually pretty nice to take a blogging break. I can't say that I'm out of the woods yet. Tonight I finished final grades for one of the schools where I teach online, I have a buttload of papers to grade for another set of online classes, and there's the usual managerial nightmare of wrapping up one academic term in-person and starting another. I'm jonesing to get some work and reading done over the break. I'll be in the office but the students and teachers won't be! Woot!

One thing I'm really excited about is that I'm teaching an independent study next term!!! It's Literature and Film. Off the top of my head, I think we're supposed to read Stephen King's novella, "The Body" and then watch Stand By Me. I've never read it or watched it (Crazy! I know!). Another read-and-watch is Twelve Angry Men. Despite any readerly cravings I might have, I definitely need to read through these and brush up on my film terms over the holidays. I'm also itching to bring in some of my own short stories and films to the class. Number one among them: a chapter of Ghost World, and the fantabulistic movie. You heard me. Good stuff!

Other literary goings on in the coming semester: I'm teaching Early American Lit and Children's Lit again. Those are always a good time.

And I realize we all know this already, but OPRAH CHOSE DICKENS!!!! It made my Estella's Revenge heart go pitter-pat. I will most definitely buy a copy of this edition for my permanent collection. It's RED AND WHITE AND BLACK (just like my blog), and I've been meaning to re-read A Tale of Two Cities for eons.

Rocketgirl finished reading Great Expectations for school recently, and I'm happy to report that she really liked it. I'm not sure Estella and Miss Havisham had the same impact on her that they did on me as a kid, but she may come around in her later years.

So what have I missed? What are you reading? What challenges are you joining? How is the holiday season treating you all?

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