Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Sunday Salon - Challenges Out the Wahoo and a Teeny Reading Goal

Greyson has been at my mom's house since Friday afternoon, so that means mama has been reading like a crazy person! Last night was glorious. I lounged in bed and dove headlong into The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. If work isn't too crazy this week I'll probably be able to polish it off in a day or two. I also spent some time with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm loving my re-read.

However, I also did something odd last night. You might remember that BookClubSandwich's first pick last year was Coop, by Michael Perry. I was really excited about the book, but somehow I got bogged down in the process and 50 pages or so have been left unread since last year. Anal retentive that I am, I just couldn't leave it unread with that little to go. I devoted a few minutes to finishing it up last night. Soooo, Coop is my first finished book of 2011 though it seems a bit cheatish since I read 90% of it in 2010. Oh well! I'm free-flowing this year, so I'm going with it.

By the way, Jill, I loved Little Miss Shake-n-Bake. *tear*

This morning I spent some time reviewing 2011 challenges to decide what I want to tackle. I failed my 2010 challenges hands-down with the exception of the Woolf in Winter read-along of Mrs. Dalloway. In 2011 I'm limiting my challenges, but I couldn't resist The Chunkster Challenge, What's in a Name 4, and the E-Book Reading Challenge. I've also downloaded an e-book copy of War and Peace for that big honking readalong. See my 2011 Challenges page up top for more info!

Finally, this time of year inevitably entails reading goals for the new year. The idea I like most is "reading deliberately" in 2011. I did this much more in 2010 than I have in the past, and I'll continue to work on it. So what does "reading deliberately" mean to me?
  • Reading what I really want to read!!! I aim to cut down on obligations in 2011. When there's a due date attached to reading, I generally lose interest. This is a direct result of a Masters degree in English.
  • Taking fewer books for review. Crazy, right? I just don't do well with this. It's the due date thing I mentioned above.
  • Switching up the types of books I read. I generally fall into a slump if I read too much of the same in a row.
  • Picking quality reading: I love literary fiction, classics, graphic novels, and essays. If I read more of these I'm more likely to feel fulfilled by my reading.
  • Indulge in e-books. I'll have a whole post about this coming up soon, but I actually read faster and more efficiently on my Nook. I might as well embrace it!
So that's my Sunday Salon thus far. Been doing a little challenge hunting, reflecting on my own reading habits, and soon I'll be diving back into a book. We have an hour drive out to my mom's and an hour drive back to get Baby G. Sounds like prime reading time to me!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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