Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheers to Six Years!

Sorry for the double post today, but I couldn't let six years of blogging pass me by. Actually, it sort of already did, since my actual bloggiversary is February 21st, but close enough! You know what this means, right??? I'm officially an old bloggy lady. OOOOLLLDDDD.

You probably already know the story, if you've been following for a while, but this blog did not start off with books. For a couple of years it was a place to vent while I was in graduate school. I cursed a lot. A LOT. I was also coming out of a failed relationship, I boozed it up with friends, generally went through my adolescence at 25, did some intellectual and spiritual exploring, and came out on the other side a reasonably well-rounded adult.

So, yeah, I'm more mature now. For the most part. I turned to books when I realized I was tired of seeing myself type unhappy-mid-20s stuff. It's been smooth sailing ever since!

I don't have any big giveaways because this sort of snuck up on me with all the goings-on in my daily life as of late. I don't have any cool pics to post. I don't even have a vlog (which I've wanted to put together FOREVER). All I have is my sincere gratitude that I have visitors who are smart and cool and love books as much as I do. Readers who take part in my everyday heartaches and victories with kind words and virtual hugs. I cherish y'all as a part of my everyday life, and the sense of community in the book blogosphere still overwhelms me.

My greatest wish: six more years (at least) of blogging with you all. Thanks for being here.


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