Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sunday Salon - Surviving Hell Week

Every turnaround from one academic term to the next is "hell week" but this one has been particularly hellish. For starters, there was only 48 hours between one term and the next: grades to audit, academic performance, and attendance probation to calculate. And I don't even do that part! With 18 faculty to supervise my time is spent auditing syllabi for correctness, building faculty files, answering questions, auditing gradebooks, leading meetings, and assisting other program heads when possible. Oh, and helping with campus activities. Lots of activities.This week presented some HR issues that complicated things as well and sucked the life right out of me.

On top of work, Greyson started running a 102-103 fever Thursday night which turned out to be a wicked ear infection. He's so consistently happy it's hard to tell when he has something bugging him and this time was no different. He's beginning to feel better on his antibiotics, and after a few days of fever that seems to be coming down considerably and consistently.

So, yeah, reading what? I had a few minutes to dive back into books yesterday when Chuck took Little G for a stroll in the park for some fresh air. Today I hope to dive into Affinity full force in preparation for discussion on the 28th!

While my week has been largely bookless and blogless, what's shakin' in your world? What have I missed?

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