Saturday, July 23, 2011

Poking Head Out of a Hole

Hey splendiferous people! It was not my intention to take a bloggy break, but I had to act like a teacher this week. That is, our August term is getting ready to kick up at my dear sweet day job, and I'm in the tizzy planning for my Literature and Film, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Fundamentals of Writing courses. I'll also be teaching the usual College Writing I and II online, along with Children's Literature, this Fall. How crazy am I? A whole hell of a lotta crazy!

For a good week or two I did not touch a book. Did not so much as stroke the cover of one, but that little reading burp seems to be over. A Facebook buddy and former grad school colleague of mine sent along a copy of Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger (only slightly gnawed by her cat). So far I LOVE THIS BOOK. So much more than the part of Affinity that I read.

I was one of the sixty gazillion people seeing Harry Potter 7.2 on opening weekend, and I've since decided it's a crackerjack idea to re-read the whole series from the beginning to see what I missed along the way. And can I just say, in regards to the film, NEVILLE ROCKS! There. I needed to get that out of my system.

Finally, I will be hosting the BookClubSandwich discussion of Jael McHenry's The Kitchen Daughter on Monday the 25th! If you haven't finished reading, you should. Or you should at least try and come discuss. At that juncture you will see why I am a pot calling a kettle black. Ahem!

So that's about it. Crazitude teacher planning + exhaustion + summer sluggery in the 104 degree heat + a renewed interest in reading make me a blog comer backer. See me coming back!

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