Thursday, November 03, 2011

Forget Everything I Said

I'm busy, my brain is fried, I'm slumping. FORGET ALL THAT. A magical thing happened last night. I worked a late night (was at work until 8pm and then commuted the hour home). I scarfed down some fast food on the way out to the sticks and when I arrived G was in bed, so I jumped in the shower, skipped my mindless TV viewing, and climbed into bed. I had to get up at 5am today, so I wasn't dallying too much.

When I actually got into bed I couldn't fall asleep (weird) so I opened my Nook app on my iPhone. I found myself in the midst of a little guilt storm that I haven't given ANY attention to my personal Tournament of Books reading challenge lately, so I popped open the first TOB book on my phone: Bad Marie by Marcy Dermansky.

And this is where the magic happened. It clicked! The writing style in this book is very stripped down and straightforward. Marie is bad. She's been in prison, she drinks whiskey while she babysits, she's a mess with absolutely no ambition. And I totally want to read about her! The writing style in the early pages is humorously flippant about Marie's ambitionlessness (ha!). The style mixed with the subject matter is really jivin' for me, so I hope this is the official end to my most recent reading slump.

I'm not far into the book, but it's also very short (167 pages on my phone), and it sort of reminds me of my experience reading Sherry and Narcotics by Nina-Marie Gardner earlier in the year. I was in a bit of a slump at that point too and the alcoholic protagonist in that novel pulled me right on out of my reading funk with her train wreck of a life.Yay! It's a weird thing to "yay" for and an odd topic to de-slump me, but I'll take it.

Have you experienced a slump lately? Is there any "type" of book that usually pulls you out of a slump? Share, folks!

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