Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Recap: Of Toddlers and Bagged Drinks

So I promised a review of my new Nook today, and it most certainly will come this week, but I just had to take a minute to recap my Christmas, because it really did turn out well this year -- despite my original humbuggery. It was quite the drawn out affair with three separate celebrations (four if I include work, which I believe I will),  gifts, great food, and most important, family time and relaxation.

Wednesday the 21st, we set aside some time to exchange gifts at work. My current supervisor is a total sweetheart, and given that she is clued in on my love of owls, she really hooked me up!!! She bestowed upon me an owl kitchen timer and an owl candle from West Elm and my very own zen garden. I will be endlessly raking the zen garden sand if I take it to work, so I think I'm saving it for home.

My other work friends are also very kind and generous, treating me to a Starbucks gift card (already spent!), a Barnes and Noble gift card (in the process of being spent!), and our registrar crocheted a gorgeous scarf that I've already worn twice and with which I am thoroughly obsessed.

The second official round of celebration was with Greyson and my mom on the 22nd. Greyson was much more clued in to Christmas this year, and he had a fantabulous time tearing open gifts. Always the responsible toddler, he handed every single shred of paper off the gifts to me. The boy does not tolerate clutter. He's enjoying riding around on a Disney car, playing with a couple of racetrack toys, a dancing alligator, wearing new clothes, monster house shoes, and some other cool stuff!

My mom was very very generous with her gifts to me this year. As I mentioned in my previous post, she hooked me up with an upgrade: a new 2nd generation Nook (Simple Touch). She also gave me a great black sweater and a beautiful silver owl necklace.

Sorry about the quality! At least you can see a bit of the Nookiness, the owl  candle, and a self-gift: Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works!
The third official round of celebration was on Christmas morning. Greyson, Chuck, the Rockets and I opened gifts, snacked on treats like chocolate truffles, cake pops, and peppermint bark, before a late lunch of ham and all the trimmings. The kids got a bunch of cool stuff, books included (Catching Fire for Rocketgirl and the third in the Skullduggery Pleasant series for Rocketboy). Greyson made out like a bandit AGAIN, and was still careful not to drop any paper.

Rocketboy is talking to me while Rocketgirl and Greyson look at a Cake Pops recipe book. 
Finally, we had my cousins over to my mom's house just yesterday. Greyson received some really cool monogrammed items (a blanket and t-shirt that say "Lil G"), and they treated my mom and I to several bagged alcoholic beverages. Have you seen these things? They're like margaritas in a Capri-Sun bag. Delicious and tidy.

I was glad everyone around here was happy for the holidays and I am thankful for time off work to spend with my family and time off to recharge my batteries. I'm feel light and holiday-floaty, my reading mojo is cranking, and I'll be refreshed when I return to work on the third. I hope all of you were as fortunate to spend time with loved ones and to slow down for your own sake.

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