Thursday, December 01, 2011

That Blasted "Breaking Dawn" Movie

These movies are like crack, y'all. Soul suckingly bad, but such an addiction. I assume if you're reading this you know some of what happens in the series/films. This is a totally spoilery post. Beware.

It started this past weekend. It was a freebie weekend on some of the movie channels through DirecTV and I thought it might be a good idea to re-watch New Moon and Eclipse in preparation for Breaking Dawn, Part I.

I'm really surprised every time I watch at just how crappy an actress Kristen Stewart is (and pretty much everyone else, too). And I'm consistently disappointed at how little FUN there is in these movies. There's usually one or two scenes that are a lot of fun or really exciting. The baseball game in the first film. Some cool training shots in Eclipse or werewolf kickassery here and there.

But mostly, it's a lot of swoony eyes and awkward pauses. Way. Too. Emo.

While I admit and acknowledge the problems in the books, too, (Bella, codependent much?) there's a much more interesting sass and fun interplay between Bella and Edward that I miss soooo much in the films. I just want to tell them to lighten UP already. Kristen Stewart, you always look like you're going to throw up. Even when it's not written into the book/script.

But anyway, the Breaking Dawn movie is probably one of the more interesting films. It makes me laugh that Bella spends at least half the movie just tryin' to get some married action. As most of us already know, she succeeds, and that's when all hell breaks loose. There was a leeeetle more fun between Edward and Bella in this movie, thank God. That's probably why it stands out as less of a downer than some of the others.

I had a distinctly nervous, jittery, anxious feeling about this movie. I was really curious how they would handle the "unsavory delivery." Not too bad, but there was a moment when I thought, "Wow, she really looks dead. Like really dead. Disturbingly realistically dead." It bothered me. Made my stomach hurt.

So in the wake of having seen this movie, I realized I do not remember a whole lot of what's coming in Breaking Dawn, Part II and I don't particularly remember what Bella was like on the other side of the change, so I downloaded the e-book last night. I need to finish The Sisters Brothers this week, but I'll probably read Breaking Dawn when my brain energy is sucked away tonight between 6 and 8pm (when I'll still be at work).

I know there are whole factions of you out there who hate the whole Twilight Saga (books and movies), and I respect that. You can vent here. Go ahead! BUT, if you're planning to see it, have you? Do these movies live up to your expectations or do you want to redirect them like I do?

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