Friday, January 20, 2012

Linkapalooza, Vol. 3

Each week, for Linkapalooza, I will post a list of links to discussion threads and reviews from my week's bloggy reading. These are reviews that pique my interest, fun or interesting discussions swirling in the blogosphere and other stuff that tickles my fancy. The most important thing? All bloggers, all the time. No big media outlets here, people. Grassroots reading, baby!


  • A Backwards Story recommends a Top Ten Books for people who don't read "Cinderella!" Very unique list, and since I love fairy tale takeoffs, this was right up my alley.
  • The library saved Sassymonkey $1,390.81 in 2011! Holy crap!
  • Trish tackles homemade baby food for Weekend Cooking!I wish this had been me.
  • Melody highlights Unbridled Books.
  • Wendy discusses Blogger Impact with grace.
  • Jackie from Farm Lane Books wonders why "Some of the Best Books Aren't Very Good?"

  • Heidenkind finally convinces me to read Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick.
  • Becky reviews bedtime board books and this could not be more timely for my household.
  • Chris writes another of my favorite reviews...The Dovekeepers.
  • Jill entices me to Take the Cannoli...
  • Brooke writes a passionate review of Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns.

Recommendations of your own??? Leave them in the comments section!


  1. Thanks for the mention :-)

  2. I read quite a few of these posts this week, and have to agree that they were certainly the highlights of the week! Thanks for compiling them for us, Andi, and have a great weekend!

  3. My pleasure, Jackie!

    Heather, I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

  4. I love linky posts like this :) Thanks for the mention on my post, Andi!!!

  5. Thanks so much for including me in your list, Andi - what a treat! Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you continue to enjoy Madame Bovary.

  6. Thanks for the mention, Andi! Some great links here. :)

  7. You're welcome, Wendy! Loved your post.

    Thanks for stopping in, Ann!

    Thanks, Brooke! So far, so good with Madame Bovary. Read about 200 pages today (on my nook, tiny pages), and I still like it for the most part. There are some long, rambly sections that make me a little sleeeeepy, but still chuggin' along.

    You're welcome welcome, Heidenkind!

  8. I'm in a hold list for The Dovekeepers at the library - currently number 10. When I finally get it I will drop everything else to read it!

  9. Thanks for including me, Andi. :)

    I haven't read Hugo Cabret, but read WonderStruck last month before giving it to my nephew. I really enjoyed it (as well as the review you linked!) I actually just ordered both of Selznick's books--I figured they were perfect books for my home library w/all the kiddos in & out of the house.

  10. Still lovin' this feature! I think we need bumper stickers that say, "Grassroots reading, baby!"

  11. Aw. Thanks for the link Andi!

  12. I'm so stinkin' behind in my blog reading that I need to just mark all read and start over. Or just follow this Linkapalooza. ;) Thanks for the shoutout!

  13. I love this new feature, Andi. Thanks for introducing us to some great bloggers! I especially enjoyed Brooke's review of Cold Sassy Tree. I read that book several years ago and thought it was remarkable. Definitely one to add to your TBR stacks!


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