Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Revisiting Writers (Sort of a Top Ten Tuesday Discussion)

I like Tuesdays and I like Top Ten Tuesday, so I headed over to The Broke and the Bookish to check out today's list: Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book.

And I quickly ran away. 

Why? Because I'm something of a reading tart. 

By the way, extra brownie points with me if you can tell me why Renee Zellweger is wearing a bunny outfit.

 I've said it before, but I really get around when it comes to my reading. And I rarely revisit an author's work once I've tried one novel.  It's sad really, this compulsive "dating" of authors instead of forming tried and true relationships. Of course, there are the exceptions. I've had a years-long relationship with Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt. Who also happen to be married to each other, so if they knew I existed maybe we'd be a plural relationship by now. 

But they're really the only two I can think of straight off the top of my head. Occasionally I'll read a second book by an author I enjoy, but even those are hard to pinpoint. For the most part I am a flutterer. I pick up books I'm in the mood for, I love 'em or leave 'em (snuggle or skewer), and I'm off to the next literary romp. 

Do I like this habit? Not really. I can speak from my experience with Auster and Hustvedt that I enjoy following an author's literary progression from early novels to those later works. I've read damn near all of Hustvedt--even the essay collections I never see discussed on blogs or elsewhere. With Auster, I started with his memoirs and made my way into (some of) his fiction. I enjoyed The New York Trilogy so much, it took me awhile to read other selections, and even now they're limited. 

If I'm psychoanalyzing my own reading habits (dangerous!), I would guess that one of the reasons I do this is because I am afraid of that second date disappointment. If the first experience with an author's work is great, I am not always sure a second experience will measure up. See F. Scott Fitzgerald who remains a one-hit wonder with me. 

So I want to know from you all: 
Do you read through multiple works by same author often? If not, why? And if you are monogamous who do you recommend "following" through the progression of their writing?

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