Monday, January 23, 2012

Short and Antsy

I mentioned yesterday I'm still in the midst of Madame Bovary, and while I'm still in the midst of it today, I did knock off another 50 pages or so last night. In my 740-page e-book  (it's usually half that in print), I'm on page 400. I hope I can have this one wrapped up this week. Heather and I have been discussing this one behind the scenes as we go, and I can't wait to dig in with her some more! So much to talk about.

Yesterday morning, I was feeling just a tad antsy with Madame B. so I decided to take Nancy's advice and start reading a smaller book to keep me feeling energized. I picked up Jessica Abel's graphic novel, La Perdida. My first encounter with Abel's work was back in 2009 when I read her funky vampire graphic novel, Life Sucks. I re-read my review of Life Sucks and it brought back a lot of the details that I'd forgotten. Abel has an interesting take on life and a distinct humor. I see it coming through in La Perdida, but I already have a few problems with it. I'll hold my judgement until I'm done, but I'm thinking a post on multi-ethnic literature and criticism is in order. 

I have a few review books I've accepted recently, so those are on the horizon immediately after MB and La Perdida. First up is Kergan Edwards-Stout's novel, Songs for the New Depression. I was already looking forward to this one, but even moreso since it's shortlisted in the GLBTQ category for this year's Indie Lit Awards. I admit, I'm woefully underread in GLBTQ lit, so this should be good! 

After posing my question yesterday about which book I should read next from my TBR, it looks like I Capture the Castle takes the cake! I'm planning to read it in the next couple of weeks, and I'm really excited about it! I have wanted to read it for a good 10 years. Lots of my fellow bookworms recommended it to me back when I was an active member of Yahoo! Groups, pre-blogging. 

And that's all that's shaking in my reading today. Greyson is off to daycare since my mom was kind enough to shuttle him this morning, I'm hunkered down with a cup of coffee, and I have a few minutes to myself. All I have left before I start the commute to work is to do are makeup and pick out an outfit for the day, so I have a few minutes to Tweet or read. I should read, but I'm leaning toward the Tweeting. 

I hope you all have a great Monday full of books!

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