Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sunday Salon - Bookgasm

Good (early) morning! Greyson is out and about but I still wake up at 7am no matter if he's here or there. Such is the life of a mama, I suppose. Oh well, it gives me time to lounge with coffee and breakfast, getting a little reading in, or maybe watch a movie before I go pick him up this afternoon.

First off, I have to thank the SCADS of you who responded to my previous post on some growing influence and pressure in blogging. I was genuinely (wonderfully) shocked at all of the similar sentiments and the number of bloggers who chimed in. This is not the last you'll hear from me on this issue, I'm sure, but it was great to get that initial post out into the world and confront this issue that's been bugging me for a while.

As a result of this conversation, there are some things in the works in the background of this blog. Heather and I are doing some scheming for a combined project, and I'll leave it at that. Some of you will know immediately what's shaking, and others of you may be surprised. Especially if you're a newer blogger. :)

It's been a very bookish week around here. I've made a concerted effort lately to unplug at various points in the day and really focus on my reading. Heather and I were able to hunker down and bust through our buddy read of Madame Bovary in just around a week. The text of the novel is between 350-600 pages depending on the edition. On my Nook, it was 740 pages. Given, Nook pages aren't very large and don't hold much text, but I was still pretty happy to put my head down and make so much headway so consistently. This can be a problem for me, especially with a book that verges on Chunkster. The key is staying consistent and involved with the reading. Helps me avoid getting antsy!!!

After I finished up Madame Bovary on Friday, I picked back up with Jessica Abel's graphic novel, La Perdida. It was a really good graphic novel, but I had some issues with it. While I enjoyed the plot, there were parts of it that bugged. It should make for an interesting review later in the week.

Finally, I'm digging into Kergan Edwards-Stout's Songs for the New Depression. While I've had some issues with the writing from page one, I think the protagonist is gonna be an interesting fellow to follow along. It'll also be a quick read, so I should finish it early in the week.

2012 is off to a great start. The last couple of years it's taken me much longer to read through...anything! Hopefully this is a good omen of things to come. I am happy with a book a week (or a little longer if it's lengthy and/or dense). On track so far! We'll see how the rest of the year plays out. 

Oh, and who's seen Midnight in Paris?! I have it in my hot little hands! I'm so excited to watch it as I've read really good things. And who doesn't like the idea of hanging out with Hemingway and Fitzgerald after midnight in Paris?! Count me in!


  1. Can't wait to see what you have coming for us, Andi. And Midnight in Paris? You may have just given me my inspiration for the afternoon. :) Thanks.

  2. I hope you like Midnight in Paris. I saw it a couple of weeks ago.

  3. I was up way too early this morning, too. 5:30 on my day off! :( But I've been productive, writing a review and catching up on blog-hopping and Pinterest.

    I'm very excited about the scheming you and Heather have been up to. Could it be...? :)

    I think 2012 may be a very good reading year for me, too. I've just about finished my 5th book for the month, which may not sound like a lot, but it's much better than I was doing last year. And, even better, all but one have been excellent reads. Whooohoo!

    I haven't seen Midnight in Paris, but it's in my queue. I wonder if I should wait until I've read The Paris Wife first, though.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Andi, I hope you like Midnight in Paris! I hope I do, too! lol Have a great day!

    Chris, I hope I do, too. A couple of family members who know what I like told me to bump it up on my watch list, so we'll see how it goes.

    Les, I usually wake up closer to that time, but I napped late in the day yesterday and was up a little later than usual. Wild night watching Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and drinking a mojito from a bag. lol I'm gonna dive into some good blog reading here in a few minutes, and I need to put some material online for my online classes (blah!). Like you, I wasn't making much headway reading last year, so I'm excited I'll have read four or five books by the end of this month. Much better! Have a great day!

  5. Very excited to see what is in the works! I am waiting with baited breath...

    Being consistent with my reading is something I've just started doing, this week actually! I've decided that I will go to bed earlier, unplug from the laptop and read. Working on Wild Swans right now, about time I have owned it for many years.

    I have heard from a few people that Midnight in Paris is fabulous especially for the bookish types. Hope you enjoy!

  6. I can't wait to hear more about your project with Heather. Have a great week.

  7. Now you have me curious about your scheming. I have no idea what you have planned...or do I?

  8. Oh, I hope you and Heather are thinking about bringing ER back!!!

    I saw Midnight in Paris a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Hemingway and Dali are hilarious. You'll love it, I'm sure. :)

  9. I read Bovary before I started my blog, it must have been about two years ago now. I think I definitely missed some stuff so will reread in the future - I'll be interested to read your thoughts :)

  10. Yay for exciting things in the works. Also, I've had 3 very different people tell me they LOVED Midnight in Paris, so it must be fabulous. Enjoy!

  11. I didn't comment on your post about the relationship between publishers and book bloggers, but I agree with you wholeheartedly. I even work in publishing and I think it's too much or perceived incorrectly. (Granted, my job in publishing has little to do with bloggers AND I was a book blogger long before I worked in publishing.) My blog has nothing to do with my job or with review copies or with my relationship with publishers. In fact, I've gotten relatively few review copies over the years, but I've stopped accepting them entirely now, because I just want Regular Rumination to be about the books I WANT to read.

    Anyway, thank you for posting that. Thank you for continuing the discussion. I'm excited to see what you and Heather have planned!

  12. I absolutely adored Midnight in Paris, which I saw at the theater. I do want the DVD at some point, too.

    I'm a Woody Allen fan, but really have enjoyed some of his recent work.

    I do want to read Madame Bovary...can't imagine why I haven't yet!

    I'll be watching for the unfolding project here....

    MY SUNDAY SALON POST - and here’s

  13. Looking forward to seeing what's up your sleeve :) You always have creative ideas about blogging.

    I adored Midnight in Paris - saw it three times, an could easily watch it over and over.

  14. I was so relieved and excited to see your post the other day, and to read the comments and see that I am not alone. It inspired some great talk between some various blogging buddies and I, and I even shared the post with my husband who basically said: "Rock on, bloggers!"

    I hope that you have a great reading week, and I look forward to this new nebulous project that is coming up. I have an idea that it will be wonderful!

  15. I never saw Midnight in Paris! I have mixed feelings about it because it was SO well-reviewed, but on the other hand, I do not care for those authors and I do not regularly enjoy Woody Allen. So tell us how it is! I really do want to love Woody Allen.

  16. I'm glad you've had such good reading so far this year! I've been trying to unplug earlier before bed and get some reading time in then, which seems to be working pretty well here too.

  17. Bookgasm?... that's quite a word... Midnight in Paris sounds like a great title for a movie.

  18. *rubs hands together*

    *cackles with glee*

    I soooooo want to see Midnight in Paris.

  19. Thanks, Kath! Haven't watched Midnight in Paris just yet as I got sidetracked over the weekend, but I'm sure I'll be brain drained one night this week and can sneak it in after the toddler goes to bed. :) And being consistent has been so so so enjoyable!!! I unplug at 8:00 and I can safely read until 10:00pm without danger of being too much of a zombie in the morning. :)

    Thanks, Natasha! I hope you have a great week, too. Hope your classes are treating you right!

    Michelle, you probably DO! *drum roll*

    Nancy, WE ARE! I can't wait. Lots of positive changes in the works. Can't wait to watch Midnight in Paris. I ran out of time this weekend. Ack!

    Sam, it's one I would re-read, for sure. There is much much much to catch and I think I missed some of Flaubert's social commentary because I was so caught up in the plot.

    Woohoo! Thanks, Brooke! Looking forward to it!

  20. Thanks so much, Lu! I can be objective enough to step outside of myself and see what pubs are shooting for and the rationale, but SOME seem to have gone crazy and taken demands to a level that seem unreasonable. But it's OK, 'cuz I won't be reading or requesting those ARCs! Easily solved. lol Thanks for chiming in!

    Thanks, Laurel! Sadly, I am largely out of the loop when it comes to Woody Allen films. I did watch Match Point several years ago. I think it was unusual in comparison to his normal films but it left me with my mouth hanging open!

    Becca, those are the movies I love--the ones I can watch over and over. I'm hoping Midnight in Paris is one of those for me, too. I haven't added one to my collection in a while.

    Thanks so much, Heather! I'm really glad the post spurred some discussion. That's the best part! :D

    I'll keep ya in the loop, Jenny! I do like the authors so that's the draw for me. I also think Owen Wilson is kind of a riot, so we'll see how he does in this one.

    Kim, the unplugging is hard! I've actually found that with Greyson in the house, I hardly pull out my laptop. I have a hard time pulling myself away from the iPhone, but I'm getting better. :)

    Thanks, logoligi.

    LOL, Heather!


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