Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sunday Salon - Something WICKED!

It's early in the day on Sunday, and I have quite a few online class items to take care of. Icebreaker posts to read, new work to post, but I had to take a minute to Salon with you all. I took the day off from blogging yesterday. I ran some errands in the morning -- clothes to purchase for Rocketgirl, a haircut for Greyson -- and I spent the afternoon finally really digging into Wicked. I was embarrassed that I was only on page 80 or so after a week of reading, and I figured I just needed to sit down and dig into the world Maguire is creating. And it worked like a charm. I read over 100 pages, and I'm hopelessly devoted. 

I am rapidly falling in love. How many times have I said this about a book I put off reading for a scandalously long time? Once "everyone else" in the world has read it, I pick it up and fall in ooey gooey love and gush to the choir.

I won't go into full-on review mode because I do want to review this book in full when I'm done, but I'm really enjoying getting to know the cast of characters and I'm enjoying the political bent of this novel. Oz is not a happy place to be: coups, revolutions, terrorism, issues of civil rights. While I had an iffy impression of Maguire after reading The Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister several years ago, I am pleased to be having this good a time with Wicked. While I haven't been very good at following series lately, I'm excited that there's more to come in this series. I received the final book, Out of Oz, from the publisher a while back, so that's good incentive to buy Son of a Witch and Lion Among Men.

I'll be picking Greyson up early in the afternoon, so I need to finish my online work, get away from the computer, and get back to my book. What's in store this week at olde Estella's Revenge? I'm stewing on a couple of posts, but foremost is a discussion of Chunkster novels and what they mean to me. In other words, why they scare the heck out of me. I really enjoyed the discussion on the "reading tart" post, so maybe delving into more of my self-proclaimed flaws will spur on more discussion! :D

I hope you all have a fantastic, bookish day!


  1. I really need to try reading WICKED again. The first time, I'd just seen the Broadway show, and the novel was far different in a way I didn't expect or want. Now that I know, though, and have completely forgotten about my first impressions, I think it's time to try again. This post has only emphasized that!

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying it. I didn't really like it myself, I think because I had seen the show first and was expecting something more light hearted than what the book is. Look forward to your final thoughts on it :)

  3. I've read three and a half of his books to date. I did not finish Son of a Witch. Wicked is the best one I've read. I think you'll enjoy it all.

  4. I loved Wicked, and yet I never picked up any of the others in the series because I didn't really get into the other Maguire books I read. I need to get over that prejudice and try out the follow ups to Wicked.

  5. Meghan, I have a feeling that if I'd had more familiarity with the musical, it would've tarnished the reading experience. I'm looking forward to investigating it more when I'm done, but most definitely NOT until then. Good luck to you in your reading of it, Meghan!

    Sam, that seems to be a theme with readers!

    C.B., based on my reading of The Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, his other books lack the same purpose, zip, LIFE of this one! Quite honestly, I've found Maguire rather boring until now.

    I hope you will, Trisha, so we can talk about 'em! lol His other books blow. That's the consensus. :D

  6. This one sounds captivating...I can't believe I haven't read it yet, either.

    As for chunksters, I've had a love/hate relationship with them. Years ago, when I wasn't trying to read and review a lot of books, I savored my chunksters. I had a Russian novel period during one long, hot summer; before, that, in high school, I read Gone with the Wind twice.

    Lately...not so much. But I joined a chunkster reading challenge for 2012, and my first one is on my TBR stacks...a Penny Vincenzi novel.

    I am eager and a bit nervous about how long it will take.

    Here's MY SUNDAY SALON POST and here’s

  7. I loved Wicked and read it really quickly, but I wasn't enamored of the sequels. I thin there are two r three of them, and they were sort of disappointing, so I gave up on them. Wicked is a really lovely book, and it's so complex. I will be excited to hear what you think of it.

  8. I've never read Wicked, either! Actually, I've never read any Maguire. I admit to being turned off by Confessions of an Ugly Step-sister because I LOVE Cinderella. And, quite frankly, if the original fairy tale says that Cinderella was wonderful and her step-sisters were not, well, I believe the original story and don't like people to mess with it :-P

    But I don't have that kind of devotion to the Wizard of Oz, so maybe...

  9. I adored Wicked, both the musical and the book. For me, my love of Elphie makes both captivating stories despite their differences.

    For me the sequels were no where near as pleasing. Son of a Witch was difficult to read, but much better than the lighter A Lion Among Men. Haven't read the fourth and final book in the series, but I will. Gotta know how it all ends.

    Happy Reading!

  10. I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't love Wicked. My sister is a huge Maguire fan.

  11. I have Wicked on my shelves and have been meaning to read it for some time now. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it so much! Hope you have a great week Andi!

  12. I am practically giddy about you reading (and loving! of course!) Wicked. And I'm not going to write any more because I want you to go back to reading it :)

  13. I've been avoiding Maguire's books because I love the Oz books so much. I also have no interest in the musical. But I keep hearing how good they are, so I feel like I should try it.

  14. Laurel, I wanted to join the Chunkster challenge but there are no e-books allowed. :( That's my only problem. Enjoy your chunksters!

    Heather, it is surprisingly complex, and I think that's what I love most about it. The character development is really good and the plot is twisty enough for me. I found the middle two books (Son of a Witch and Lion Among Men) at Half-Price Books yesterday, so I jumped on them. We'll see how they go.

    LOL, Aarti! I think it helps to have absolutely NO loyalty to a story that Maguire is retelling or spinning off of. I really did not enjoy the original Wizard of Oz, so this was perfect! A redo!

    Brooke, I do love love love Elphie. She's such a compelling character -- I bet I'd like the musical, too.

    Kathy, so far Wicked is the only hit Maguire has had with me. I'm totally shocked.

    Thanks, Samantha! I'll look forward to your thoughts on Wicked if you decide to give it a go!

    LOL, Emily! I'm surprised at just how much I love it, but it's nothing like what I'd expected. It's really INVOLVING. So much going on.

    BookStop, I'm not an original Oz fan. I've read it several times for classes and whatnot, but while I appreciate it, it's not an emotional fave. Wicked is working it's way up -- maybe into an all-time fave.

  15. It is involving! I've read it a few times, and I each time catch stuff I missed or had forgotten. It's new experience each re-reading.

  16. One of my favorites. I didn't love the second one quite so much.


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