Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Reading, Finally!

After a rough week last week, and after a rocky beginning to the weekend, things have smoothed out and I'm back to reading, blogging, and commenting. I've missed y'all! The weekend was fun as I spent most of Saturday and Sunday having quality time with Greyson, and Sunday afternoon was reserved for a birthday party for Rocketboy filled with pizza, cake, and teenage antics.

After G hit the sack last night, I took a few minutes to finish the book I've been reading for over a week: Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. I can't believe I've been reading it that long, but it really wasn't the book's fault. It was an odd book to say the least, and I'm looking forward to writing the review of this one if I can figure out exactly what I want to say about it. THAT will be the hard part!

I have a few minutes to dawdle this morning before I get ready and leave for work, so I sat down with Teju Cole's Open City to see if I really want to read it. As much as I'm enjoying my Tournament of Books reading, I also have that inevitable itch to read whatever I want to, without obligation. I whipped through a quick 20 pages of Open City, and I think I will read it intensely for a day or two and see if I still feel positively about it. It's one of those meandering books that will likely read a little on the slow side, and I think I might be more interested in a good ole plot-driven book at this point. Cinder is still sitting on my nightstand, staring at me!

What kind of reading mood are you in this week?

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