Friday, March 09, 2012

Personally: One More Milestone

And just that quick, my office at the college is packed up. I've spent this past week scrambling to square away administrative tasks to make life easier for my colleagues after I'm gone. I've shredded my weight in paper. I've given and received a lot of hugs.

It certainly is odd to be leaving here after three years of chasing students, chasing faculty. There was a cake this week, cards, gifts from colleagues and students. There's been a lot of reflecting. I was offered an opportunity to grow up professionally here. So much good advice and mentoring.

While I can't believe I'm done with my journey here with these wonderful co-workers, I am undoubtedly excited to be doing something new that's so close to my heart. And in many ways I'll be carrying on what I started here -- helping new institutions engage with students and professionals via the social Web, ferreting out new ways to learn and new ways to do business.

Bittersweet as it is, I think I'm ready to go. Good things await.

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