Saturday, March 17, 2012

Remember Me? I Like Books and Cupcakes.

I bet y'all thought I was eaten by a desert creature in Phoenix, eh??? Not quite.

The new job is off to a rollicking good start. Much to do, much to do. I really like the people I work with, and while it will be challenging to come up with strategies that work with a diverse bunch of ventures, I can't wait to dig in even further than I already have.

But I've posted enough jobby jobness lately, so let's talk about books!!! This weekend will be the first time I've had an opportunity to read for fun in the last several weeks, so I am almost beside myself with joy! What I'll pick up next is the hard part. With far too many obligations on my plate, I'm not trying to hold myself to any sort of plan. Any reading is good reading!

Right now my choice is a toss-up between Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas and The Earthquake Machine by Mary Pauline Lowry. They're both wildly different books, so it just depends on what grabs me.

If I were a bettin' woman (which I totally am), I would side with Paris, My Sweet. I've been in something of a confectionery mood. Maybe it's the stress, but I've been obsessed with sweets. Not indulging so much, but lusting after sweets of each and every kind. With this in mind, Chuck and I had lunch next door to The Cupcakery's uptown Dallas location yesterday. Our office is literally right down the street. It was my first trip to The Cupcakery, and it was pure heaven. Of all the great, decadent flavors, I chose "The Wizard" a butterbeer cupcake!!! And it was a-mazing. Butterscotchy, vanilla, cream soda magic. Seriously delicious. When the counter attendant asked if I wanted a to-go box I actually said, "No, I'm just gonna snork this down before I go back to work." Class-ay.

I couldn't find a pic of "The Wizard" but this will likely be my next Cupcakery adventure--the Kir Royale--"moist raspberry cake drenched in a bubbly champagne frosting." Whoa-yeah.  

But back to my bookish discussion...I like sweets. I need lightish reading. Paris, My Sweet sounds like just the ticket.

I've missed you all horribly and will be trying to catch up on some of my blog reading tonight and tomorrow. I hope you're all well and swimming in books!!!

Watch for upcoming posts on the new books that have landed in my house since I logged in last. AND a very impassioned discussion of authors who are using social media to their best advantage with a human touch. :) "Click to buy" need not apply!

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