Monday, April 23, 2012

Shameless Impulse Purchases

It's been a long time since I've bought books with any regularity. With plenty on my stacks and a wishlist eight miles long, the library and I get along just fine on most occasions. 


You knew there was a but. 

Sometimes, a reader just needs some new material. ESPECIALLY when coming off of a ridiculous slump. Case in point. When I finished reading A Discovery of Witches, which was a very successful foray into paranormal/historical/romance for me, I had to keep the good mojo flowing. 

Drumroll, please!

That's right, kids, I'm going for more historical/sf/romance! My good bloggy buddies (and book group buddies, back in the day) have been trying to get me to try Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, forever. Really, for like 12 years. 

Heather (@capriciousreadr) actually Tweeted the following to me: 

 AND JAMIE. If you don't fall head over heels for Jamie I may have to disown you.

Do you see the threats!?! That's serious business. I'm about 100 pages in, and so far Outlander = total book crack. I'm addicted. And away we go. And I already like Jamie. Even though he's stinky and all taped up from a musket a time with no indoor plumbing. Ahem!

And I also bought a book I'd never even heard of until I saw its cover and pinned it last week:

I Am An Executioner: Love Stories by Rajesh Parameswaran. Behold the blurb.

 In I Am an Executioner, Rajesh Parameswaran introduces us to a cast of heroes—and antiheroes—who spring from his riotous, singular imagination. From the lovesick tiger who narrates the unforgettable opener, “The Infamous Bengal Ming” (he mauls his zookeeper out of affection), to the ex-CompUSA employee who masquerades as a doctor; from a railroad manager in a turn-of-the-century Indian village, to an elephant writing her autobiography; from a woman whose Thanksgiving preparations put her husband to eternal rest, to the newlywed executioner of the title, these characters inhabit a marvelous region between desire and death, playfulness and violence. At once glittering and savage, daring and elegant, here are wholly unforgettable tales where reality loops in Borgesian twists and shines with cinematic exuberance, by an author who promises to dazzle the universe of American fiction.

This one seems like it has just the right amount of humor and morbidity and oddity for me. I like 'em off the wall, and I REALLY like short(ish) stories! I have high hopes. Anyone else read it?

Nosy bookworms want to know: what are your latest impulse purchases?

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