Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Texas Tornadoes

I'm sure you all have heard about the goings-on in my area. Yesterday was nothing short of a weather meltdown here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with something in the neighborhood of 10-15 tornadoes popping up over the course of the day.

My office is right on the edge of downtown Dallas, and we really dodged trouble with a couple of tornadoes around us at various times. We had sirens and craziness, and my team headed down to the basement parking garage at one point as we received news that other local business were evacuating into safe areas. At one point in the afternoon we received word that a cell was forming over the American Airlines Center, which I can see out the window from a conference room down the hall.

Even scarier was being here at work and watching on Facebook, our local NBC affiliate's website, and other outlets as a tornado moved straight toward my hometown where my mom and Greyson were hunkered down. Luckily, the tornadic activity passed over my town, but there was a Tornado Emergency declared for the next town over. I haven't heard damage reports yet but aside from high wind and large hail, it appears my area lucked out.

An event like this is really a wake up call on a lot of fronts. I am sending thoughts and prayers to those most affected by the storms in Arlington, Lancaster, and Forney. I was relieved to find out last night that all of my Forney family members are safe.

I also realized a greater appreciation for information sharing yesterday as updates on Facebook were more informative than the news about the exact location of storms and activity. My hometown's Facebook page was the first to put out the call to take cover.

I'm also thankful for the forethought and good planning our schools and daycares have in place. I called to check on things at the daycare yesterday and the team had already been over their emergency procedure, and they were putting that into action when my mom picked Greyson up. Those folks get a pat on the back from me.

Finally, thanks to all of my friends across the country who checked on my family and our other Dallas-area bloggers via Facebook and Twitter (and text message -- hi, Heather!). I so so so appreciate your concern and watchfulness. Those prayers came in handy.

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