Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sunday Salon - Of Parties and Books and a Tantrum

What the HECK IS GOING ON HERE!!! Note: if you'd rather skip my Sunday morning rant and the recap of G's bday party I totally respect that. Skip on down to "here are the books." 

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, here are the deets:

It's Sunday, I'm working today (yay). I'm kicked out at Starbucks with my laptop for several hours (slated 9am-2pm). Have already finished a round of bi-weekly reports for Day Job. Now I'm grading a gazillion papers for my remaining online classes. A bit ago, a huge, loud, ridiculous family came in and pulled up the three tables to my right and proceeded to be obnoxious for an hour. *hisssss* I realize it's a public place and all, but none of the other talkers in the joint have felt the need to be quite so oblivious.

Anywho, I get over the Starbucks-loud-family fiasco and I'm faced with a brand new BLOGGER INTERFACE!!! Change + me = temper tantrums. I'll probably eventually love it, but today is just not the day to whip out a new look on me, Blogger.  It seems I now have to scroll a page down to actually see my dashboard, but I can quickly and easily change my interface language to Bengali. SWEET! *sarcasm....dripping sarcasm*

Moving on.

Yesterday was a most successful birthday party for Mr. G. We had family and friends come out to a rather large, impressive park nearby. There was a splash area, a lake with a fishing dock, plenty of room to fly kites, and a balance of shade and sunshine. We had cake and some other munchies and generally enjoyed ourselves. And easy clean up. Very important!


While I was absolutely zonked last night, I managed to make some time to knock off another 50 pages or so of A Discovery of Witches. I read some more this morning before I came out to grade, too, so I feel sure I'll finish today barring any weird incidents (knock on wood). The action is really picking up in this last section, and I'm loving it! The book is not without some annoyances, but we'll talk about that later.

I think a big chunky paranormal romancey novel was just what I needed to bust the slump. Hopefully, I'm gonna keep this roll going with Outlander by Diana Gabaldon next. I've never tried it, but I think now is the time.

I feel much better now that I've vented. What are you reading today? 

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