Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Sunday Salon - The Week That Tried To Kill Me with Awesomeness

This week was not all awesomeness. It began early Monday morning with Greyson sick. I stayed home with him half a day on Monday, then passed him over to my mom for the latter half of the day so I could make an appearance at work. He was feeling better and went to daycare on Tuesday, but he came home with a fever. Took the day off on Wednesday to take him to the doc, and just as I'd suspected: two ear infections and a sore throat (didn't expect the sore throat part).

This is decidedly not awesome as the boy has had chronic ear infections since he was born. Next step: ear, nose, and throat specialist. I see tubes in our future, and I'm ready for 'em!

In the midst of all this, the awesome happened. I was looking for another book to keep me engaged after I finished up A Discovery of Witches, and boy did I find the motherload in Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This is not my official review, because I'm getting my thoughts together on how exactly I want to gush about it. BUT, I will say that it's supremely gushworthy, and I knocked off all 700+ pages in a week. Pretty impressive for someone with no attention span, eh?

In fact, I sat around for a couple of hours after I finished the book yesterday, trying to decide what to attempt next, and the answer was clear. The next book in the series! So I'm currently reading Dragonfly in Amber and while it's ripping my heart out, I will endure and probably polish this one off just as quickly as the first.

This is one of those series that Heather and my other trusty book buddies have been telling me to read since my Yahoo! Groups days back in 2001. Why in heaven's name did I wait so long?! I don't even know. Madness.

The other series my book peeps have been telling me to read is A Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin. Tammy, I'm gonna read it soon. I swear. I've learned my lesson. I should just shut up and listen to you all because we all share a big communal brain.

The rest of my Sunday will consist of grading a truckload of essays and exams. There are a couple of weeks left in the semester, and I'm READY FOR IT TO BE OVER. As much as I like having a teaching outlet left to get that "fix," I'm just tired. Ready for a break. One summer online class is so much better than four regular semester online classes.

With that, I'm off to jump into the grading. Be well, y'all! Have any other recommendations for books that will grab me by the hair and knock me off my feet? Keep 'em coming.

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