Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Are You Pinterested?

Trish is a total enabler. She's put together the "Pin It and Do It" challenge for the month of May, and I do believe I'm gonna have to jump in here!

I'm going with the Timid Pinner level with plans to carry out 1 to 3 of my chosen pins!  The strategery right now is to tackle one recipe, one craft, and maybe try to read one book I've posted on my Book (Lust) Wishlist board. Sounds pretty well-rounded, eh?

If you visit my Pinterest page you'll see that I have a wide variety of boards: book-related, crafts, design, food, fashion, and OWLS! Lots of opportunity for creativity, but like so many others, I get bogged down and don't actually *do* these things. No more!

Thanks, Trish!

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