Thursday, May 17, 2012

DNFs For Now

I'm striking out all over the place. Although, I do realize it's it's probably not the books' fault. 

Corsets and Clockwork is not doing it for me. I find the stories a little uneventful for my taste. I know, again, probably not really, but in my current reading withdrawals, it is what it is. I was looking for some pretty heavy steampunk and in the first three tales it was hit and miss. I got a taste of atmosphere, but not enough to satisfy me. This may also be a side effect of the short story format. Likewise, I found the love in each story a little unconvincing.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand is simply too "quiet" for my current mood. I will most definitely come back to it as I like the writing and I find the Major compelling so far.

Still reading I Am An Executioner though the auhor has ticked me off and made me not trust him by ending two of the three stories I've read with "I'll let you decide" type endings. Not just ambiguous but by writing something akin to "I'm not going to tell" or "You can decide." WHAT-EVER. More than once is a cop-out!

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