Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend Cooking: Crockin' Crazy

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Good morning Weekend Cookers! I haven't participated in this event regularly because, quite frankly, I don't cook nearly as much as I used to. BUT, the review I have in store for you today is helping change that.

Disclosure: I WORK FOR THE PUBLISHING COMPANY. But I still really like this book. I waffled, but I did decide to offer you my thoughts on it.

That's how I came by a copy of this book, so I thought I'd just put it out there right from the start.

Moving on, The Crockin' Girls started grabbing attention with their Facebook page back in 2011 when they quickly amassed up to a million "likes." What began as a recipe group for other moms turned into a Facebook sensation. Now they have this fantabulous cookbook on the market and a website heavily populated with recipes and advice on slow well as a blog and other tidbits about their lives. Their goal is to get families back to the table by saving time on the culinary preparations.

The recipes are simple and straightforward. I usually have all of the ingredients in my house on any given day. I can very easily plan my week's meals with these recipes, pick up the miscellaneous items I need on the weekend, and I'm set to crock a couple of meals a week. With leftovers it really helps flesh out the food situation when I don't feel like stopping by the store after work.

Beyond the easy recipes, this is a beautiful book. Every recipe has a corresponding pic and each page is colorful and visually textured with backgrounds and life. It's just lovely and stunning. The book itself is solidly made, and while it's hardcover, it easily lays open, flat on the counter while cooking.

Finally, there's a nice range of recipes: breakfast items, appetizers, large sections for meat-related entrees, sides, an Italian section, and finally, dessert! So far I've cooked a wooonderful breakfast casserole, a pot of "Cowboy Beans" and big plans to make some of the Italian dishes soon.

While the chapters themselves are a good range and variety, within each chapter some of the recipes got a little repetitive. There's a lot of Velveeta in this cookbook and there's a lot of chocolate lava cake. Not for the slim and trim for sure, but there is a "Crocking Lite" section on the website to help out with this issue.

So there ya have it. Having this book in my hot little hands has certainly helped get more hot meals on the table, and for that I am eternally grateful. I've had a great time picking out which recipe I'll crock next.

Here's to more weekend (and weekday) cooking!

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