Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Blogger Liberation

I've been sitting here humming and hawing over what to blog for the majority of my lunch hour. I've weighed the pros and cons of blogging about how disappointed I was with the crap streaming in from this year's BEA Bloggers Conference (SO not for book bloggers). I shot off an e-mail to Heather that said...
I don't like book blogging today. I'm sick of publishers. Sick of the arguing about whether e-books are the downfall of civilization.
That's right, kids. I don't give a damn about Richard Russo's latest e-book issues.  Nor do I care if publishers ever send me another advanced reader copy of anything (I'll buy it if I want it bad enough). I also will never feel pressured to pimp my blog.

After seven years of book blogging I'm liberating myself from influence and pressure in a way I've not done before. Because I was afraid this blog wouldn't be relevant if I withdrew MORE. But the beauty of it is, one can become more independent from publishers, authors, and guided reading without losing anything. I've been saying this for years, but I haven't really DONE IT until now.

And there's no use complaining if you're not gonna do something about it. Which we are. So sit tight because it's still taking shape. And it's going to rock your face off.

In the meantime...

  • I no longer have a review policy because I really don't need one.
  • Kiss my stats.
  • Read whatever, whenever.

Shuck off your readerly bonds, people!

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