Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bullets, bullets everywhere...


What a week. Stresses here, stresses there. The bulleted version:

  • A large sum was taken out of my checking account by a business without my consent. NOT COOL.
  • A deadline for a new unit in my online class snuck up on me. Scramble!
  • Finally got Greyson's crib moved into the house and it WON'T FIT THROUGH HIS BEDROOM DOOR. So he's been sleeping in his crib in the office! Hopefully getting this issue fixed tonight.
  • My high speed Internet died for the second time yesterday, though it was very luckily an easy fix.
  • Still no TV -- long remote-control-related story.
  • Greyson's ear tube surgery and adenoid removal are tomorrow. Dreading this. A lot. 
So as you can see, a busy, anxiety-laden week. Luckily, I'm buddy reading The Secret Garden with Heather and it's a good book to relax with. 

See y'all on the flip side of the surgery! Send those virtual hugs our way.

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