Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Mishmashy Malarkey Muddlement

How's that for a title!

Geez, I'm glad to have gotten through the last week. Starting anew is a good thing! A few updates of the readerly (and personal) sort.

Greyson is doing GREAT after his surgery Friday. He was one unhappy camper in the recovery room until he got a Popsicle in one hand and apple juice in the other. The doc reported that his adenoids were so swollen as to cut off 75% of his breathing room at the back of his nose. Also, the doc thinks his ear infections have never completely cleared up between rounds of infection, and he had an active infection in his right ear (the PROBLEM ear) at the time of surgery. Poor baby. No wonder he's already feeling better. By Friday afternoon he was up and around as if he'd never had surgery.

See, he's even reading...

I missed the shot of him actually holding the book up in front of him as if he were actually reading. Oh, and I found him on my bed "reading" Jane Eyre a while before this. He's been lugging this poor book around all weekend. I think it's a sign of brilliance, personally. I'm sure most bookworms would agree.

A few other bullets related to my previous post:

  • Stupid Internet issues seem to have calmed
  • TV is working! We've been watching "The Cat in the Hat" on Roku
  • Got my money back from the a-holes who drafted it
  • Greyson is still sleeping in the office. Happily, I can report!
And I can't say I've been reading a whole lot. I've been glancing back through Outlander when I have an urge because I can't say the urge to full-on read anything new-to-me has been terribly strong. I still love The Secret Garden, I just needed to let my brain chill this weekend. And I need to whip through the rest of I'm Not This Girl by, oh, Wednesday. Arrgh!

In the meantime, I'm much more active on Twitter and Facebook than I am here (see the Connectables buttons to your right). I've been sharing news and funnies on Facebook and random crap on Twitter. Want a Facebook sample?

Ohhh, gonna have this stuck in my head all day long. Damn Facebook. 

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