Monday, June 18, 2012

Personally: The Great Move, 2012

Everyone lived to tell the tale of the Great Andi Move of 2012. It started 'round 7am on Saturday. Greyson and I took care of some last minute packing at my mom's house until the heavy lifting started at 11:00. Greyson escaped to Chuck's house so as not to be squished and the sweating process began.


  • It took exactly 1 hour to move all of the big furniture. This has to be a record AND testament to my "nomad" status of the last 10 years. 
  • My mom missed all of the heavy lifting, but she ordered pizza to make up for it.
  • My friend Rachel helped with the moving, arranging, and staging and I'm so glad she came over!
  • My cousin Kevin also helped with the heavy lifting (not the arranging and staging), and it was great to see him, too!
  • I had Chuck and the Rockets and my mom over for a Father's Day lunch on Sunday. The crock pot baked ziti was blissfully good.
  • Once Greyson was back with me yesterday and everyone went home, I found myself completely overwhelmed by the really real idea that we live alone in our own place. Hello, culture shock.
  • Greyson's crib never arrived (I am not mentally ready for a toddler bed yet) so he spent another night at his Noo-noo's house. I passed out cold around 10:00.
A few pics of the new digs. Click to embiggen. 

Adding more pops of yellow to brighten it up.

Couch cover is on the way!

I strategically snipped out the remaining boxes. :D

A tired baby settles for a little "zone out" time with the portable DVD player. 

There's still much of the furnishing and accessorizing to be done. The high speed Internet isn't working. And despite a valiant attempt yesterday, the yard still needs a good mowing. But overall we got the big stuff done and now it's just a process of settling into our routine in a new space. So simple but so enjoyable and scary all at the same time. 

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