Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pre-Armchair BEA and The Sunday Salon

I am not in New York City. This means I am not at BEA. However, I am stoked for the beginning of Armchair BEA tomorrow. I finally got off my readerly duff and recorded a video blog (vlog) for the occasion which will post tomorrow!

In other news, it's been a rocky week here at Casa de Estella's Revenge. I had a cold (or something) with fever on Monday. I crawled through Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday were ok, and then Greyson started running fever yesterday. Hmmphf. He also went to the ear, nose, and throat specialist on Friday. It's official. We--he--needs tubes in his ears. I'm prayerful that the tubes will assuage some of this illness that keeps befalling my sweet lil boy. He's curled up on a pillow in the living room floor right now where he spent most of yesterday, and I suspect we'll be making a visit to the pediatrician tomorrow. Poor thing. We're keeping a hefty stock of children's Tylenol flowin'.

In other news, I kinda put a deposit down on a house yesterday. A rental home, that is. Shortly afterward I came home and started a spasm of Pinning that lasted through G's two-hour nap. It's been about 10 years since I've had my very own place. Between then and now I've lived with others, been through grad school and a few stints at home with my mom. So I'm excited, but nervous-excited. Since G's gotten older, I can no longer share a room with him. My spidey sense of hearing is still acute, so I wake up every time he rolls over, snorts, talks in his sleep. Which is a lot, so I don't sleep much. I've been sleeping on the couch almost exclusively for two weeks, walking through my days like a zombie. When a suitable house came quickly onto our small town rental market, I SNAPPED. It. Up. The owners have known me my entire life, they feel good about having me there, and I trust them not to screw me over in any way. Pictures to come soon. It's mine to move in on the 15th, so I have plenty of calls to make and deposits to pay this week.

Oh, and you wanted to know something about books? Right-o!

I finished up Drums of Autumn earlier in the week and it was kick-ass. No surprise there. I am itching to read The Fiery Cross, but as usual, I'm going to make some attempt to read something else between. Before I fail miserably and cave mid-week.

Thanks to Heather, I'm currently reading Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. I'm really glad that Heather warned me that the first 50 pages or so are slow because I'd dare say they are booo-ring. Another character just came into the mix, and then there was a development, and now I think it's going to pick up. I hope. Please?

So, between nursing a toddler and the overwhelming urge to buy housewares, it's a pretty normal Sunday here.

What's shakin' at your place? 

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