Sunday, June 10, 2012

TSS: Zonked House Brain and Trash Reading

Taken by previous owner and Facebook friend.
This has taken over my week. It's my new place and I move in on the 15th. I've ordered the electrical service. I've ordered the wireless Internet service (priorities), gas service, water, etc. I've shopped for various and sundry home items (Crock pot! Spice rack! Rugs! Kitchen utensils!). I've even hung a shower curtain.

I cannot wait to get this moving business DONE. I already have the key so I've been steadily dropping stuff off. So ready to get in there, make my nest, and rest.

So in the spirit of brain drain, I've been reading steadily. And I am loathe to admit what I've been reading: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and now Fifty Shades Freed. They are so bad. I know this. Please don't lose your faith in my taste in books, but I can't seem to handle anything heavier than these. And these are so fluffy light I'm surprised they don't float away.

There's a whole snarky post coming up about how bad the writing is (which I'm reading anyway, ack, splutter) but I am amused by the Bella/Edward take-off. And they're practically written on a 3rd grade level, so the reading is quick.

On that note, I'm going to crawl into a hole with my last bad erotic novel. Actually, I have boxes to move. THEN I can crawl into a hole with my bad erotic novel.

What are you reading that I should try when my brain is back to normal?

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