Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday in a Flash!

My heavens! Where did this week go? Seriously, y'all, I woke up and it's Friday already. So, what's shaking you ask?

  • Estella Society is in full swing with goodies lined up through September.
  • North and South Read-a-long (#nsread) is in full swing with two installments left!
  • Work is in full swing with prep for an upcoming conference at the beginning of September
  • I took some time out to socialize last night! It was Rocketgirl's 16th BIRTHDAY so we enjoyed a b-day dinner AND I met up with friends from Old Job for Happy Hour.
What else is in full swing? Online classes start Monday, and I'M TEACHING FOUR (and pray for my soul), and they are NOT set up yet. Ahem! *badme* *mustgetafterit*

Oh, and there's this...

Oprah talked me into it. I swear! I was minding my own business, looking through some O 2.0 recs, and this little bitty goody jumped into my Nook. This is a collection of "columns" from The Rumpus wherein Cheryl Strayed wrote under the name Sugar and gave honest advice. Beautiful, thoughtful, painful, heart-bursting, personal, TMI types of advice. And it is STUNNING. I love it already and it seriously needs to be stashed away so I can finish North and South. Need catharsis! Look right here!

What are you up to? 

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