Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BBAW 3: What Does Book Blogging MEAN!?

I'm a little late getting started today. I did a wee bit of oversleeping this morning only to leave my house in a huff. Traffic sucked. Work has been busy. BUT, amidst all the kerfuffle, I've been itching to write this post.

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Most of you have been reading this blog for a while now. You know that it's been active for 7 years, that it started with grad school snark and morphed into a place to express my passion for reading. You know that my life has changed a lot -- new jobs, a son, relationships come and gone. While it's mostly about books, this blog is quite simply, my home on the web. I am the me'est of me right here on these virtual pages. I let it all hang out, as it were.

And the changes this blog has undergone, and the me'ness of it get at what book blogging means to me. For me, book blogging is an excuse to hang out with my friends!!! I share with you all the same things I'd share with a group of great girl (and boy) friends.

I want to hear your opinions and go places with you and do fun stuff together. And that gets at the second item in "what blogging means to me...": community. I've said it a gazillion times, and I'll say it scads blogging is only as good as the community around us. That said, we have our ups and downs. We have our dramas and our spats, our scandals, and our great, cohesive events. With this rollercoaster ride in mind, book blogging is also about helping make the community its best and a most enjoyable place to be.

Third, book blogging means a platform. Now, read carefully here because it may not be what you think. I've become quite the outspoken monkey over the years about blogging on one's own terms. I'm not a champion  of authors or publishers. I'm a champion of bloggers using their creativity and expressing their joy! Book blogging means a chance to speak to other book bloggers about the hows, the whys, and the why nots.

Seven years ago (closer to 8 maybe?) there was a migration--a creation--of book bloggers. Many of us met in Yahoo! Groups as part of BookCrazy, The Book Spot, OnThePorchSwing, BookiesToo, Banned_Books, and others. Pretty soon we heard of this crazy new thing called blogging and we began to make our way. 8+ years later we're a huge community of book lovers. Readers. Writers. While I'm not saying we were the Adams and Eves of book blogging, there were groups of us that made the switch. I had a core of friends even then. We were a community that grew into a new community.

There are a lot of pieces here. A lot of facets of what "book blogging means to me". To me, it means an opportunity to talk to you. To share myself. To share our love of books. To share my opinions after 7 years of this. To try to bring us together in the pursuit of  fun stuff. To give you a pat on the back or a kind word when you're stressed by too many ARCs.

Book blogging means friendship, camaraderie, and sharing. 

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