Friday, September 14, 2012

BBAW Recap and an Invitation

This has been a fantastic Book Blogger Appreciation Week. With all the work madness in my life recently, it's good to be settling back into a normal routine that includes blogging and reading. While not everything is back to perfect, it's back to better!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week has been a great opportunity to turn back to the blogging, show some appreciation and some gratitude, and celebrate this fantabulous group of bloggers and the thing we love most: reading (and writing about it)!

Now, an invitation. Y'all know Heather and I started Estella back up, this time as The Estella Society: A Reading Playground Built By Book Bloggers For Book Bloggers! That's our whole purpose right there -- to provide thoughtful content and fun stuff for bloggers to do. We're in the middle of The Little Stranger Readalong, The Top 100 Chapter Books Readalong is getting ready to do its first post (thanks, Kristen!) and we have some OTHER VERY EXCITED NEWS coming up. Ahem! Not ready to announce yet, but it's on the horizon.

So in short, this is less of an advertisement and more of an invitation to join us. Whether you'd like to contribute your writing, comment, or just lurk and enjoy the ride, we invite you to be a part of a fun spot for readers to enjoy the literary life. Come on over!

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