Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Monday, Whatcha Reading?

Good morning, friends! Early-morning blogging over here. I haven't had coffee yet, so this will be short and straightforward.  Greyson spent the night with my mom because yesterday was PURE INSANITY. There was moving of furniture including the heaviest TV in all creation. I'm not kidding.

Chuck has been moving house, so I spent a good portion of my weekend making trips over there to help out, and also to move some things from his place and into mine. Namely...

Bookshelves!!!! I've been in my house for about 7 months, and this whole time my books have been packed up in bags and boxes in a closet. Now they get to stretch out and take their rightful places on the shelves. Woohoo! The house feels comfier already. 

Because I've been so busy doing house-oriented things, I've gotten less reading done, but hopefully I'll be able to force myself to SIT DOWN AND RELAX this week. :) A girl can hope, right? Hope, hope, hope. 

Currently reading:

Gone Girl, which is going a little slowwww for me. I think the crapola is about the hit the fan, though. I hope. Come on crapola. 


Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire. Since Wicked was a favorite from 2012, I figure it's time to jump on the next in the series. 

Still need to review:

The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman. Good good good stuff. 

Thanks to Sheila of BookJourney for hosting!

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