Sunday, January 06, 2013

TSS - The Read-a-Thon Cometh

First, a short personal interlude. Feel free to skip on down...

I went to the doctor about three or four weeks ago for a hacking cough. At the time I didn't have too many symptoms other than the cough itself. I was a wee bit congested, and my doc went ahead and prescribe a "Z pack" of antibiotics. I felt better for about a week before a whole new set of cold symptoms set in. Now I have a full-blown sinus infection, a steroid shot under my belt, and ten days of antibiotics in my future. Woo.

I'm just ready to feel better. I've been since since I started my new job and I'm sure they're about ready for me not to look or act like a zombie.

So this interlude of illness has most certainly derailed any feel good reading. I have about 20 pages left in The Midwife of Hope River, and I can't wait to polish it off. A great book to start the year.

After that, I have to zip through Gone Girl. Heather and I were reading that one together, but a busy schedule and the whole feeling like death thing kind of got in the way and she finished last week.

Finally, we're getting the Estella Society geared back up and ready for the new year. PLEASE if you'd like to submit your writing, go on and do it! If you need ideas, check out these general ones to get your brain churning.

Oh, and do you remember that little Read-a-Thon Heather and I helped host in October??? Well we have a date for the April one! To be announced in the coming week (Thursday or Friday). You can also catch the announcement by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

We ended up with around 485 participants in October, and we're really hoping to trump those numbers in April. I think we can do it with ALLLLLL of your help!

What have you been reading? Anything I should add to my stacks? 

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