Thursday, February 07, 2013

On the Homefront: The Weekend's Progress

Ohhh y'all. We're really cookin' now. This January Cure thing is crankin' right here in February. Updated, finished items from this past weekend are highlighted in blue.

1. Make a list of projects in each room
2. Set up the Outbox
3. Weekend Chores: Buy Flowers,  Vacuum/Mop everything, Stock Green Cleaners, Use Outbox 
4. Sit in unusual places, observe problematic room parts, take apart and rebuild mentally
5. Select one project from the list
6. Choose a piece of art to frame
7. Choose a date/time for a get-together, send out e-invites
8. Weekend Chores: Clean kitchen and de-clutter/organize as you go; find a recipe and make an enjoyable meal; buy flowers
9. Create and use a “landing strip” – buy floor mat for doorway, coat hooks/hangers, landing strip (kitchen table)
10. Work on Goal Project
11. Media Fast
12. De-clutter books and media
13. Weekend Chores: flowers, and bedroom including a purge of drawers (!!!) 
14. Get Files in Order (refer to e-mail to know what to keep)…get a file box! Set up a schedule for dealing with mail/bills.
15. Clean up cords!
16. Clear up and clean out bathrooms/medicine cabinets 
17. Living room lighting
18. Weekend: Flowers, clean up living room, clear out the Outbox!
19. Catch up and take an “after” photo! Pic of goal project.
20. Hang artwork.
21. Speedy spruce and surface clean.
22. Shop for get-together goodies.

So, yes, I set up my Outbox. The idea here is that you plunk things into it that you think you'll want to leave the house. Having them in the Outbox gives one time to peruse whether or not they'll really leave. This is not really a problem for me, as I generally don't have too much of an emotional connection to stuff (except owls and books). Currently in my outbox: a lamp with a short in it, and some other little stuff. They will go, I'm just waiting to add some more OUT items before I lug them to the thrift shop to give away.

I intended to add some donatable clothing to the box this past weekend, but most of the clothing leaving the house is damaged in some way or just plain old. So sadly, most of it went straight into the trash.

Outbox! See!
One of the bigger projects I tackled this past weekend was related to the master bedroom. I think most moms will deal with the majority of the house before they address their own space. I'm no different in that regard. My bedroom has undergone a pretty dramatic transformation from June to now, but Greyson's room was much higher on my priority list. It's been a slow progression with the addition of some furniture pieces, unpacking lots of random boxes, and organizing. 

This is from right after I moved in. My bedroom is comprised of a bedroom set I inherited from my grandparents. I love the look of the headboard (even though it's not attached to the bed in this pic...ahem!). But all there is of this set is a bed and chest of drawers. It left a lot of open space in the beginning. 

You can also see my "problem area" in the pic above. BOXES! My bedroom at my mom's house was so full of STUFF and sentimental items from growing up; it's taken a really long time to go through all the stuff and figure out what should stay and what should go. I still have a few lingering boxes, but it's gotten much better in recent weeks. 

This is my master bedroom now. Bigger bed that actually matches the size of the headboard (Queen...still not attached!). Curtains, bookshelves, and an entertainment center have also made this very large, long room much cozier. And additional storage is never a bad thing. 

This is just a lightly different angle. You can see the pretty bookshelves much better. :) 

This is obviously the side of the room I've ignored. My ultimate goal is to shift the chest of drawers to the empty space between the bathroom door and the main door to the room (see all that white space?). I will make the corner where the chest currently resides into a reading area by the window. 

And these are what's left of the boxes. I found some GREAT pics of Greyson that I need to frame and display ASAP. These boxes are mostly stuff that lived in my previous office. I need to distribute all the things throughout the house and bring some of the things to my current office. 

The big item on the to-do list for this coming weekend is to paint at least one wall of the bedroom. A very sweet friend and her husband passed along some light turquoise paint that matches the turquoise accents in my comforter. I don't know if I can handle a whole room of turquoise, and generally I'm on the fence about "accent walls," but I'm gonna try it and see how it goes. Anything is better than dingy white walls. 

Other to-do's left for this room:
  • Hang some artwork/photos for heaven's sake (short term)
  • Hang curtains over the "dead" window behind the bed (short term)
  • Area rug (medium term)
  • Reading nook (long term)
I also spent a good bit of time cleaning bathrooms this weekend, I did quite a bit more steam mopping, and I did a quick surface clean of everything so it stays nice and doesn't go back to its former messiness. Adding storage for Greyson's toys and making his room his own space has REALLY helped keep the rest of the house in order. 

The toy storage solution was pretty simple. I just added some cute fabric boxes to the bottom shelf of the bookcase in my office. I need to do a purge of his small toys but I haven't gotten quite that far yet. 

I also followed The Cure's suggestion to grab some flowers. They really do make it feel springy when you walk in the door. My budget probably won't allow me to buy flowers every week, but I do intend to get some more green into the house with some potted ivy and such. 

Going into this weekend, I have far less deep cleaning to do and far more prettifying. Which is fun! 
  • Hang framed degrees in my office
  • Frame/hang art in Greyson's room and the office (two piece in particular that bibliophiles will love!)
  • Declutter my office desk
  • Paint the bedroom accent wall
  • Clear away the final boxes of junk
  • Paint the living room entertainment center (will probably end up on next weekend's to-do)
  • Put the couch cover BACK ON! I've been putting this off forever. 

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