Sunday, March 10, 2013

TSS - Where Did My Week Go?

Srsly. Where did the week go? I have no idea.

So last weekend was my "I Cleaned My House" party which was a success. I had about 10 friends there and that's about as many as my living area can comfortably hold, so it was all good.

Here we are noshing on some pulled pork fajitas, Spanish rice, kickass guacamole, hummus, chips, veggies, sopapilla cheesecake and even some apple turnovers that were amazeballs.

After the party was over, David and I cleaned up, went to bed, were lazy on Sunday, and then THE BUSIEST WEEK EVER kicked in.

The alumni magazine I write/edit for the university is coming up on its next publication deadline, so that means I'm busier than a kitty in new litter. I'm writing stories, organizing the gathering of content, and generally overseeing things to make sure it all gets done. And my student workers are kicking ass. The photographers and videographers are going full-force. And our sweetheart Executive Director is keeping everyone pleasantly on task (she's really good at being supportive and respectfully directional).

So, yeah. And in addition, I got ridonkulously behind grading essays for my online classes. So that's been the bulk of my weekend -- getting caught up.

Oh, and there was a day-long trip to the Toyota dealership yesterday.

Oh, and Greyson is at Chuck's house for a few extra Spring Break days, so I miss him like crazies.

Reading you say? No no. None of that. But these babies are still on my in-your-face nightstand TBR.

And if you haven't already joined, the #Estellagram March Photo-a-Day Challenge is ticking right along! I'm sort of overwhelmed by ALL the participation!!! Thank y'all SO much! 

And I'm spent. I'm headed home to have a beer and read. Cheers!


  1. Your party looks awesome. I love having people over to show off my house! :-) what online classes are you teaching? Could I pick your brain about how you got that organised?

  2. Cheers to you. So wonderful to hear you sounding so busy and so happy! I would but can't do Instagram. I only work on laptop and don't have a smart phone. Just a stupid one -- elcheapo phone for travels only. (Oh I am getting so old and so out of it.) But I am cheering everyone on. Vampires in the Lemon Grove is a book I have been craving of late. I'm not even sure why -- just a fascination for what I've read about the quality of the writing and the genre.

  3. Wow, you are some kind of busy! A beer and reading sound good to me.

  4. Grading my online essays...oh heavens. I get so behind on those. I swear it's an out of sight out of mind situation. It's like I suddenly realize "holy crap! I have like 50 essays to grade by tomorrow!"

  5. I'm really enjoying #estellagram. Your job sounds fun!

  6. Good lord it does sound like quite the busy week!! And you have me drooling talking about the food y'all had last weekend ;P

  7. Mmm, all the food sounds YUMMY ;) I can't wait to hear what you think about Lemon Grove...I adore Karen Russell and I'm curious about this one :)

  8. All the food sounds so yummy! I'm having so much fun with #Estellagram and finally learning Instagram in the process, too.

  9. My brain stopped processing information after "pulled pork fajitas". I officially do not even eat pork! Oh God pulled pork fajitas sound amazing.

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  11. Your party looked like such a success! And I love being busy, especially at work! The time just flies by - although too much work is not fun. Enjoying the Estellagram so much. I love documenting all my little bookish ways!

  12. You have ten friends? I'm so jealous! I think the mosti could call in at any one ime would be four. The perils of being an introvert...your food sounds amazing for sure. I love eating at my husband's family functions because they throw a proper spread, as opposed to my

  13. Blogger hicupped so I'll continue here...mother's side who may lay out three kinds of lettuce.

    So love the Little House series, as does my class whenever I read one out loud.

    My reading month has been abysmal, your photograph event is thrilling; perhaps I'll abandon reading for photography! xo

  14. I am having so much fun with the Estellagram challenge, Andi! I think I've finally figured out Instagram enough to not feel like a complete idiot. I even found an app to use to download my photos from Instagram so I can use them on my blog (without having to connect my phone to my computer).

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  15. I hate how the week can just FLY BY when you are incredibly busy and need as much time as possible.


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