Saturday, June 01, 2013

Keeping It Real, Yo! (Armchair BEA, Day 5)

What does keeping it real meannnn? Well, for me, it's quite literally being real. When bloggers contemplate the way they want to blog or they consider a change in their blogging style, many deal with the quandary of loving to write about books but feeling a lack or a sense of being pigeonholed. Sometimes this is the result of years spent blogging about books. Other times it's the result of an extended reading slump or other "life stuff" that takes away our bookish blogging mojo. I've gone through it myself.

While Estella's Revenge remains mostly book-centric, there's plenty of the personal, and that's what it means for me to "keep it real." If I'm not reading, I write about not reading. Or I give myself a free pass to blog about something else. Back in 2011 I was on fire for a lot of things, and reading wasn't one of them, so I decided to do a "stuff week." I posted about stuff that was on my mind other than books. And that was a great experience! There was some good conversation. And I don't even know if I got all the way through "stuff week" before the urge to blog about books came back.

My son Greyson and our #ItAlong nose.

My fiance, David, at a work function where we got all dressed up.

Greyson's third birthday, cheesin'!
On the whole, I find that most bloggers enjoy getting to know the person behind the computer screen nearly as much (if not more) than just reading book discussion posts or reviews. It's my thought that reading is quite personal, in that it can reveal a lot about us: our interests, hobbies, and passions. So why not give those other interests center stage sometimes?

Earlier this year, I went through "The January Cure" via Apartment Therapy. A month of deep house cleaning and organizing. You can read about that HERE.

I also regularly throw in FOOD.

I'm also realistic enough to know that not everyone cares about my personal life. Get on with the books already! So I tend to title purely personal posts with the very creative "Personally".

What would you, or do you, blog about besides books? 

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