Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wedding Inspiration!

Eight months to go! This wedding business is finally becoming a reality, and we're finally making some decisions that are getting us grounded and ready to start DIYing.

You see, David and I are both of the mind that we don't want to spend a down-payment-on-a-house worth of money on our wedding. So this will be a VERY DIY affair. But, personally, I think it's gonna be a kickass party.

I love our colors, and it took me long enough to pin them down. Corals and blues with a touch of mustard. Very spring, and all my faves wrapped into one scheme.

Rustic charm with touches of burlap and barn wood pickets on the walls.

Soft, whimsical lighting...

We're doing a small cutting cake for us and cupcakes or sheet cake for guests. I love the tiered setup, and I want some coral hombre. Isn't that gorgeous? 

And there will be books...

And there will most certainly be owls...

To see more of our scheming, check out our Pinterest board

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