Monday, September 30, 2013

Recovering from September

September was a beast! The culmination came over the course of last week and the weekend. I've been a part of a local leadership institute since last spring, and we finally finished all of our obligations with a HUGE BBQ fundraiser designed to help fund the next class. Let's take a tour through pictures, shall we?

Sorry if you've already seen these on Instagram!

One giant smoker made from a 5,000 gallon fuel tank.

50 briskets.

A tree trunk to fuel the fire for smoking the meat. 

This was the assembly line where we put together about 1,700 sandwiches.

This was the end of the day. 
I worked a regular workday last Wednesday, and then we bagged 1,700 cookies. Then I took off at noon on Thursday and delivered water bottles, chips, cookies, and BBQ sauce (all packaged individually) to my departments with the largest orders. I sold 200 tickets, by the way. What do I keep doing this overachiever thing?

Then we smoked the briskets 'til around 10pm. And last but not least, we spent all of Friday--from 8am to 9:30pm--making sandwiches, sacking lunches, delivering during the lunch hour, and finally we finished the night with a tent and sales on the town square for a local festival.

My body hurt. A lot.

Now that the fundraiser madness is over, I should be able to read a bit more and not be such a nutcase. Sadly, I only finished four books in September, which is way down from the 10-12 I finished each month during the summer. I knew the quantity would take a dive, but I'm happy to report that the quality is still up, up, up.

The only one I wasn't super crazy about was Vile Bodies, by Evelyn Waugh. But there's a review coming up, so I'll talk more about it then. It wasn't a total wash, just my least fave of the month. 

Now onward and upward to October! I have some big goals. We'll see how it all shakes out. 

And Mudbound sneaks in under the radar! Finished before October 1. 

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