Monday, September 16, 2013

SeptembEyre, Chapters 12-21

Spoilers ahead! Just beware!

Oooh, look at Charlotte Bronte challenging gender roles and norms! It's fun to see Jane grow and change, and in this section we really dig into her life at Thornfield. This novel follows her chronologically from childhood to adulthood and through some specific life changes. We have a bildungsroman on our hands, kids, and those are traditionally stories about male protagonists. I think ole Char is challenging gender norms in her plot and her form. Love that!

Beyond the formalistic stuff, I love Jane all the more for her interactions with Rochester at the beginning of this section. Once they sit down by the fire together it's a battle of sharp tongues, I tell ya. She is brutally honest right down to telling Mr. R. he's not terribly attractive. That bit cracked me up.

I do get a wee (ok, more than a wee) tad annoyed with Rochester for his treatment of Adele. He took her on (mirrors Jane's "adoption"), so he should treat her like less of a scab.

I also wanted to kick Rochester in the crotch over the course of his section for flirting with Blanche Ingram in front of Jane when he knows that she's beginning to have feelings for him. Though, admittedly, without this bit of teasing and game-playin' we would've had a much shorter novel and a lot less tension.

And that gypsy disguise? For reals? I rolled my eyes a bit.

I'm still loving the book even though I want to slap some of them from time to time. How about you? 

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