Wednesday, September 04, 2013

SeptembEyre Kickoff!

SeptembEyre is here! If you haven't heard of this one, it's a readalong of Jane Eyre hosted by Kerry at Entomology of a Bookworm, and it will span the month of September with weekly check-ins and discussions. Our first task is an intro/kickoff post, so here I am! But why am I here?

I stole a copy of this book in high school. And before you get on the horn to the po-po, it was unintentional thievery (they all say). I borrowed the book from my fave teacher's classroom lending library, and it got lost in the fray of ALL THE BOOKS in my house, and I found it years later and blushed and felt guilty.

I also took that finding/blushing/guilting opportunity to actually read the book. All except the last 30 pages.

I KNOW! I. Know. Sometimes I put books down before they're done. I mean almost really done, and never come back to them. I did the same thing with The Age of Innocence, and it's haunted me for years.

So I'm in this readalong to actually FINISH Jane Eyre. I even bought the Penguin Deluxe Classics edition. Because pretty. I've also already ordered Villette (because I'm ahead in this readalong and I'm diggin' the book!).

Isn't Villette gorgeous? Right???

In short: I'm Andi, I am a petty thief, and I am a book cover whore. 

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