Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR

Jump in on this meme.
So back in June I made a list of the top ten books I wanted to read for the summer. And since summer officially ends on September 21, I still have a few more days! But there will be a post about my progress on that front coming up soon.

In the meantime, I'm making a list of the top ten books I'd like to read in the fall. Fall officially runs from September 22 through December 20. Ohhh, the fun I can have reading in those months. So the theme here is "read my own damn books." Including several that I listed in my "Oldest Books on my Shelves" vlog a while back.

All three of these have been on my shelves for eons. Eons, I say. Heather will do a happy dance that I'm finally reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Amanda will do a jig that I'm reading I Capture the Castle. And I'll just be glad to have that creepy girl on the cover of Never Let Me Go finished.

I'm definitely looking forward to finally jumping into the book I almost gave a kidney for...Havisham, by Ronald Frame. I picked The Joy Luck Club completely at random because it's been mocking me from the bottom shelf of my TBR for a while now. And Kavalier and Clay was also in my "oldest books on my shelves" video. 

I picked up The 19th Wife for super cheap at a going out of business book sale a few months ago. I put it on this list simply because I think I might be in the mood for it. Little Women is one of those classics with which I have a bad history. I've tried and failed to read it a bunch of times, so I'm thinking of organizing a group read to make me finish it. And Affinity has been sitting unread on my e-reader for like two years. It's time to wrap that shiz up. 

Finally, Kindred was my Estella Project choice that I never got 'round to, so I'll be buddy reading this one with Didi, a fellow BookTuber and bloggess. 

Wish me luck, kids! What's on your fall TBR? 

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