Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Personally: Many Blessings for Christmas

I was just sitting here scanning back through blog posts, when I stumbled upon this one. This time last year, I was starting my new job as PR Director at my alma mater and coming off of one of the most professionally and personally difficult years of my life. . What a difference time makes, as 2013 proved to be full of profound blessings. 
  • A continually strengthened faith
  • A thriving little boy
  • A wonderful fiance and upcoming marriage
  • A wonderful mom and family
  • A healthy relationship with Greyson's dad, stepmom, and siblings
  • A year of wonderful reading
  • A year of fruitful blogging
  • Plentiful bloggy and #BookTube friendships
I am thankful every day for you and you and you. 

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