Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five SIMPLE Strategies to Make Blogging Easier

Does blogging feel like a chore? Are you constantly racing to catch up and write a post for the day? I used to be, but I've found a few tricks that have helped me streamline my blogging into something manageable. Different strokes for different folks, but I hope you find something here that works for you, too!

1. Go on and pre-schedule those posts. 
I typically have about a week's worth of posts pre-scheduled. Sometimes if I'm reading a lot I'll have reviews for a couple of weeks since I only post one or two per week anyway. The other days I fill in with a meme if it's an interesting topic or discussion posts.

2. Keep a running list of potential drafts in your blogging platform. 
I often get great ideas that will jump right out of my head if I don't write them down. I jot a few lines down in Blogger, save my draft, and I can easily come back to them later.

3. Utilize blocks of time. 
After 9 years of blogging, I've gotten pretty good at cranking out posts in a hurry. It just doesn't take me too long to formulate my thoughts anymore, unless it's a particularly thinky post. If I have a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, I'll write two or three posts to use later. Same thing with my lunch hour at work. If I do this a couple times a week, I have a generous backlog of content to hold me over.

4. Take advantage of blogging topics suggestions. 
When your brain hurts, why not get some help with a topic? Ain't no shame in it. I linked my list here, but there are LOTS more ideas across the interwebs.

5. Decide which days of the week you want to post and do more if you have time.
I quickly realized, when I had a writing resurgence and started blogging like a machine last year, that my visitor numbers tank on the weekend. I don't live and die by stats by any means, but if the visitors are wayyyy downnnn on weekends, why not take some days off myself? Now I blog Monday-Thursday and if I have some extra energy I'll pop in a Friday, Saturday or Sunday post.

Do you have any tips to share? I would love to hear them!

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