Friday, February 14, 2014

Literary Love: Support from Friends

I've said it for a long time, but the best part of blogging for me is the community. The friends I've made, the comments you leave, the events we undertake together, and talking about books! And at times like these, it's awesome to know I have some support from my bookish friends all around the world.

That screeching sound you hear is my reading coming to a halt. Work has picked up in a big way. I worked through lunch or had working lunches with colleagues every day this week. When I get home I'm off and running on wedding stuff and Greyson time. I've been falling asleep with Greyson every night recently. I lie down to read while he nods off, and I'm gone, too. And I'm teaching A LOT of online classes. We'll just leave it at A LOT.

With the wedding 30 days away I don't see any real break in what seems to be a slump. Although, I guess it's just more like a lack of time rather than a lack of desire. I've been reading The Woman in White for about five weeks now, on and off. I LOVE IT, and I'm so close to the end. I will try to finish it this weekend. I've been reading The Radleys in small snatches, but since I can't keep my eyes open at night, those snatches have gotten a lot shorter.

But my purpose in writing this post really isn't to whine. While I used to worry about slumps or these busy bursts, I don't worry about them so much anymore. Are they frustrating? Gosh, yes. But am I worried about my reading and you guys? No. You've shown me over and over again for the last nine years (on February 21st!) that you'll still be here when I get my reading mojo back, and you'll be cheering me on in the meantime. 

This is exactly why I love blogging, and this community, so much. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Virtual hugs for all of you.

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